I designed, textured, modeled, programmed and created the sounds of this Doom 3 High Displacement Resolution technology map. This is not a generate normalmap you will find in my hell map, I designed the normalmaps with my own technic for a result I call High Displacement Resolution. (Texture_hdr) A very good understanding of the Doom 3 engine is essential. (Texture_hdr) are directly linked with Doom 3 .mtr material file, with the bumpmap, the diffusemap and the specularmap. To make it all better again, this is essential to dispose accurately of the "entity light" to, here again, have the best results. I have my own way to design the bumpmap texture that fit best within the Doom 3 engine. In Doom 3 the Bumpmap texture is the material name for the well-known normalmap. The Bumpmap textures I designed for my hell map, aka Golgotha, are the best visual quality you can expect for Doom 3. The Doom 3 game would be much more impressive if the Bumpmap textures (Texture_local.tga) would be done with better hands. To install it, extract the .pk4 file in your base folder (in your game directory).